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Study: Cybersecurity Continues to Be Top Concern Among SMBs

Cybersecurity continues to be the top concern of IT professionals in Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs). Even though SMBs are aware of this concern, they’re struggling with many of the same challenges IT firms are combatting daily. A major struggle includes the cybersecurity workforce gap. To get around this, SMBs are looking elsewhere for help. A report, titled “The 2019 Kaseya State of IT Operations Report for Small and Midsize Businesses,” paints a bleak picture of the ever-expanding cybersecurity threat landscape for SMBs. Regarding security, Kaseya’s report highlighted three key [...]

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Is Microsoft Teams Right for Your Business?

There are plenty of project collaboration software tools in today’s market — some better than others. One of the more popular ones among SMBs is Microsoft Teams, an option in Office 365, a productivity suite many SMBs are using. Before selecting Teams as your collaboration software, get to know the solution first, and if it sounds good to you, we can help you with deploying Teams throughout your organization. What’s Microsoft Teams? If Teams hasn’t been on your radar, there's probably a good reason for it. Maybe you’ve never come [...]

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Cybercriminals Exploit Human Instincts

Rather than targeting systems and infrastructures, cybercriminals are focusing most of their efforts on exploiting human instincts. More than 99 percent of cybercriminals rely on human interaction to install malware, initiate fraudulent transactions, steal data, and more, according to a recently released study by Proofpoint. To conduct the study, the enterprise security company gathered data from across its customer base and analyzed billions of messages per day on hundreds of millions of domains. Here’s what the study’s researcher highlighted in the report, titled “Human Factor Report 2019”: People remain the [...]

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Are You Ready for Microsoft’s Upcoming EOS Deadline?

Several Microsoft products are reaching the end of support (EOS) in January 2020. Not all business owners understand what this means, even though we've been educating our community on the topic throughout the year. If this sounds like you, there are a few things you should know. What does Microsoft’s EOS mean? If you’re not familiar with what Microsoft’s EOS deadlines mean, you may not be the only one. If you’re not staying up to date with what’s going on in the technology space like we are daily, you could [...]

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SMBs Aren’t Too Concerned About Cyberattacks, But They Should Be

While the growing number of cyberattacks should be alarming to businesses of all sizes, SMBs aren't too concerned, but the truth is they should be. Cybercriminals are not only targeting larger global companies. The damages associated with cybercrimes can quickly put an SMB out of business. A report, titled "The 2019 SMB Cyberthreat Study," was conducted by cybersecurity provider Keeper Security. The study surveyed more than 500 senior-level decision-makers at companies with 500 employees or less. The results found that 66 percent of SMBs don't believe they'll fall victim to [...]

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Is Microsoft ‘Nagging’ You About Upgrading to Windows 10?

Microsoft in April began pushing out notifications about the significance of upgrading to Windows 10, basically reminding users of Windows 7’s end of support (EOS) date — less than a year away. While the tech giant’s intentions are good, many users feel as though they’re being “nagged,” but are they? The popups should only appear a “handful of times” throughout the year, and if they become intrusive to Windows 7 users, there’s a “do not remind me again” option available. The purpose of these messages is to remind — and [...]

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Do CEOs Prioritize Cybersecurity Higher Than Physical Security?

Cybersecurity breaches are so commonplace in today’s IT world.  Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and other C-level executives are paying more attention. They are strategizing within their organizations on how to handle potential cyber threats. After considering their findings, many high-ranking executives have decided to change their security initiatives, prioritizing cybersecurity over physical security, but that’s not all. A new report titled, “Cyber and Physical Security: Perspectives from the C-Suite,” has revealed how high-level executives are approaching security measures for their businesses. This report was conducted by the Center for Cyber [...]

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Human Error’s Role in Cybersecurity

If you’re more worried about the outside intruder you don’t know than the employee in the cubicle across from your office, you may want to reconsider your company’s approach to cybersecurity. Believe it or not: C-suite executives and policy makers rank “human error” as the number one cybersecurity risk their organizations are currently facing, according to Oracle’s spring 2019 report on security in the age of AI. Actors with access to your organization’s network —  insiders — are typically the ones inadvertently introducing this risk to your systems. There are [...]

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Windows 10: Why You Need Its Real-Time Protection Offering

Increasing concerns over cyber threats have forced software companies, including Microsoft, to take more of a security-centric approach to their solutions, but if their customers don’t act, especially when the proper safeguards are no longer in place, the results could prove to be disastrous. While Windows 10 is known to be more secure than previous versions of Windows, some businesses haven’t taken the leap, leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks. How important is it to properly secure your networks? If you’ve been watching the news, you’re aware that nobody is [...]

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Migrating Workloads to Azure: What to Know

No matter the industry you’re in — whether it be law, manufacturing or accounting — you’re going to eventually realize why storing workloads on-premises is no longer a viable option for your business. Over the years, lawyers, for example, have slowly accepted cloud usage at their firms. Despite security and confidentiality concerns, nearly 54% of attorneys are now using cloud-based services, an increase of four percent over the previous year, according the ABA’s 2018 Cloud Computing Survey. Most accountants are seeing the benefits of cloud computing, specifically regarding cloud-based accounting [...]

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