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Manufacturing IT Services

It is a data-driven world

Is this the year that the manufacturing industry will make real steps towards the ‘smart factories’ of the future that have been teased for so long? Some of the biggest players in the industry have already started to embrace disruptive and cutting-edge technologies, but these next few years we will see smaller and medium sized manufacturers incorporating the same technologies into their processes with equally as effective results.

You need to start making decisions very soon. Focusing solely on your core product will quickly commoditize your business. In contrast, if you can create added value to your customers by offering them services that help them succeed better, you move higher in the value chain.

The ability of modern IT solutions to continuously glean and analyze vast amounts of data from all parts of the value chain while enabling more efficient information exchange allows you to steer your business in near real time.

Let us future-proof your business

At Core Vision, we work with manufacturers to help grow their business by providing and supporting their IT systems, enabling them to:

  • Improve productivity of employee’s
  • Data protection and continuity
  • Proactive monitoring of system growth
  • Enable business growth and agility
  • Accelerate business digitalization.

Our technology services framework covers this entire spectrum. These solutions will make it possible for you to transfer, collect and analyze, and then use the results to optimize your operation for the best returns – to you and your customer.

Supporting the Applications you use

Benefits of working with Core Vision

  • An IT infrastructure designed to diagnose and remediate problems quickly and efficiently

  • An IT infrastructure designed for reliability with the ability to quickly scale

  • An optimized IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service and performance levels

  • An experienced IT team to seamlessly integrate new IT infrastructure with legacy systems

  • A “core focus” of improving IT operations processes

  • Established practices in using infrastructure security management services

  • A team experienced in IT infrastructure patching, upgrades, and migrations

  • An advanced IT Service Management (ITSM) framework specifically designed to manage a diverse IT infrastructure environment

  • A team continually improving IT infrastructure design and increasing IT value

Core Vision’s “IT as a Service” provides all these capabilities and more for a fixed monthly price.  Core Vision takes a different approach than many IT resellers, serving as a trusted advisor to its clients offering value, innovation, assurance, and integrity in every customer interaction. Core Visions’ CoreCare managed services model optimizes IT system performance and reliability while creating a predictable and sustainable IT environment that proves cost-effective for our clients.