Microsoft Bookings

What You Need to Know About Microsoft Bookings (Questions/Answers)

What You Need to Know About Microsoft Bookings

Say goodbye to that old paper appointment book and start using technology to do the work for you…

At Core Vision IT Solutions, we are always on the lookout for new services that help our client’s productivity and improve their workflows.  One of those key services is the Microsoft 365 suite of services, as they are constantly being updated and enhanced with new features.

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, we help our clients implement and leverage these services … so we’re always excited to share new features like Microsoft Bookings.  This fantastic service allows your customers, patients, or clients to easily schedule a time in your calendar – without you even being involved. Gone are the days of getting a hold of someone (or having your assistant do it for you) to schedule another time to chat. And the good news is that it’s already included in a range of Microsoft 365 subscription plans.

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is an online and mobile application for any business providing services to customers, patients, or clients on an appointment basis.  Additionally, it can be used to schedule almost any appointment – from internal employee meetings to candidate interviews.  Essentially, anyone can schedule meetings directly with you or your employees with minimal effort.

The key to Bookings is that it integrates with your Outlook Calendar to determine when you are available.  You control the times you’re available, how long the meeting should last, and how much time you want before or after the appointment.

Microsoft Bookings with Teams & Zoom

One of the really cool features of Bookings is the ability to schedule Teams or Zoom video meetings.  You send an email to someone that includes the link to your calendar with the proper configuration.  Then when they choose a time that you’re available, it will integrate with either Teams or Zoom to schedule the video meeting there – as well as showing up on your Outlook calendar!

How do I access Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft Bookings is built into several of the Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise plans. Your IT provider will need to activate Bookings on your account, then you sign in and select Bookings from the app launcher. On the next page, choose to get it now and add your business information to get started.

From the Bookings site, you can set up a different meeting and appointment types (called “services”), and each type will have a unique link that you can send to as many people as appropriate.

If you’re not using Microsoft 365 services today, contact us, and we can help you determine what plan would be the right for your needs.

How do I know if Microsoft Bookings is right for my business?

If your business provides services to customers, patients, or clients, and you need to frequently schedule meetings and appointments, Microsoft Bookings will work well for you.  Almost any business will benefit from Bookings, as it saves time and reduces the complexity of coordinating schedules. Here are some examples:

  • Dental offices
  • Spas
  • Law firms
  • Consultants
  • Financial services firms

Essentially, any appointment-based business can use Microsoft Bookings to put an end to frustrating back-and-forth.

What are the alternatives to Microsoft Bookings?

While Microsoft Bookings provides basic scheduling capabilities, there are more elaborate, complex scheduling tools available. Many of these services provide free, or trial versions similar to Bookings and have paid versions that provide additional meeting parameters or integrations to other calendaring systems.  Here are a few more advanced options:

  1. Square Appointments are available at $30 per month for one user, with pricing going up as you add more seats.
  2. Calendy is available for free for a basic plan, however, they have a more advanced plan at $12 per user, per month.

Still, have questions about Microsoft Bookings?

If you still have questions about Microsoft Bookings, or would like to get more information about Microsoft 365 business services, feel free to contact us to learn more.  We’ll provide a no-pressure discussion on how Microsoft services may help your business.