What Manufacturers Should Know About IoT

Consumers aren’t the only ones benefiting from the internet of things (IoT). Manufacturers are also reaping the rewards of leveraging the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to increase energy efficiency and improve productivity in their factories, and more. For some manufacturers, IoTT is a foreign abbreviation, but there’s time to learn.   What is IIoT? The IoT is a concept many users are familiar with. Even if they don’t understand the granular details, users, at the very least, grasp the basics of how the IoT impacts their daily lives, and [...]

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What Microsoft’s EOS Means for Line of Business Apps

With Microsoft ending support to several of its products in January 2020, many businesses are left scrambling for solutions. While many of the technology giant’s products reaching the end of support (EOS) next year are operating systems (OSs), other applications, essential pieces of software, are vulnerable, too, if they’re not appropriately evaluated. Called line-of-business applications (LOBs), these programs need to be updated if the OSs they’re operating on is either upgraded or migrated to the cloud. What you should know about LOB applications Basically, any program essential to the running [...]

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Going Into 2019: What to Know About Cloud Security

No doubt about it: The interest in cloud computing is continuing to grow. As the market expands, IT professionals across the board are working day and night to minimize potential security threats associated with the technology. Going into the new year, there are a few points SMBs should consider before partnering with IT professionals on the cloud. Many are concerned with cloud security, including IT professionals A Kaspersky Lab report in October 2018 revealed what chief information security officers (CISOs) consider to be today’s top IT security risks: Cloud computing and uncontrolled [...]

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Who’s watching your network Part 3 – Data Backup & Business Continuity

While you were enjoying summer break, who was watching your network? Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you’re free from security breaches, system errors, and more. Read our six-part series to learn how you can ensure your data is safe while you and your employees take time off from your business. Does your business have proper data backup policies in place? Infrequent tape backups and other traditional methods are no longer secure enough to keep your system protected. Secure copies of your important business data act as your last [...]

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Webinar: Protecting Your Data in a Ransomware Filled World!

Join us on May 24th from 11 AM - 12 PM with continuity experts from Datto to learn about threats that face us for continuity in our everyday business. In this webinar, we will discuss the following: 1. Traditional Backup vs. Business Continuity: How the cyber criminals are attacking antiquated backup solutions 2. Definition of ransomware & its history 3. How Ransomware infects small business and non-profits around the globe 4. Top statistics around the world from 2017 5. Examples of the true cost of downtime 6. How [...]

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