Is Cloud the Right Fit for ERP Data?

Migrating ERP applications to the cloud is no easy feat, especially when much of the data is deemed business critical. While many businesses still have on-premise ERPs, many executives are now considering what the cloud has to offer, but despite improvements, migration challenges remain. Are organizations migrating ERP data to the cloud? Even though challenges lie ahead, nearly 70 percent of businesses are migrating data for ERP applications to the cloud, according to a recent study, titled “The Impact of Cloud on ERP,” by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). From various industries — [...]

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Going Into 2019: What to Know About Cloud Security

No doubt about it: The interest in cloud computing is continuing to grow. As the market expands, IT professionals across the board are working day and night to minimize potential security threats associated with the technology. Going into the new year, there are a few points SMBs should consider before partnering with IT professionals on the cloud. Many are concerned with cloud security, including IT professionals A Kaspersky Lab report in October 2018 revealed what chief information security officers (CISOs) consider to be today’s top IT security risks: Cloud computing and uncontrolled [...]

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