Fall for a Phishing Scam? Here’s What to Do

While there are too many types of cyberattacks for business owners to stay on top of throughout their daily lives, they’ve more than likely come across phishing scams in their inboxes at some point or another. Phishing scams are designed to steal information or install malware on devices or desktop PCs. Scammers can be very clever with their phishing techniques. Sometimes, even the best of us fall victim to these attacks. When we do, these scams can deliver significant damage to our businesses. The bad news is phishing attacks aren’t [...]

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Ransomware: What SMBs Need to Know

Even though ransomware has been top of mind for cybersecurity experts for many years, SMBs are still trying to grasp the threat. While some reports are claiming a decline in ransomware attacks, cybersecurity experts aren’t writing off the security threat, and neither should small business owners. So what is ransomware? You’ve probably heard or read the term “ransomware” in the last year or so. Maybe you’re somewhat familiar with it but not 100 percent sure how it can impact you or your business. If you don’t fully understand how this malicious [...]

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