What Microsoft’s EOS Means for Line of Business Apps

With Microsoft ending support to several of its products in January 2020, many businesses are left scrambling for solutions. While many of the technology giant’s products reaching the end of support (EOS) next year are operating systems (OSs), other applications, essential pieces of software, are vulnerable, too, if they’re not appropriately evaluated. Called line-of-business applications (LOBs), these programs need to be updated if the OSs they’re operating on is either upgraded or migrated to the cloud. What you should know about LOB applications Basically, any program essential to the running [...]

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Who’s watching your network Part 2 – Managed Security

While you’re enjoying summer break, who’s watching your network? Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you’re free from security breaches, system errors, and more. Read our six-part series to learn how you can ensure your data is safe while you and your employees take time off from your business. The number of cyber threats and attacks is growing, and as a result, it is crucial that businesses prioritize IT security. It’s time to stop living in denial about an attack and start taking proactive measures with managed security services. As a [...]

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