Are You Ready for Microsoft’s Upcoming EOS Deadline?

Several Microsoft products are reaching the end of support (EOS) in January 2020. Not all business owners understand what this means, even though we've been educating our community on the topic throughout the year. If this sounds like you, there are a few things you should know. What does Microsoft’s EOS mean? If you’re not familiar with what Microsoft’s EOS deadlines mean, you may not be the only one. If you’re not staying up to date with what’s going on in the technology space like we are daily, you could [...]

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Is Microsoft ‘Nagging’ You About Upgrading to Windows 10?

Microsoft in April began pushing out notifications about the significance of upgrading to Windows 10, basically reminding users of Windows 7’s end of support (EOS) date — less than a year away. While the tech giant’s intentions are good, many users feel as though they’re being “nagged,” but are they? The popups should only appear a “handful of times” throughout the year, and if they become intrusive to Windows 7 users, there’s a “do not remind me again” option available. The purpose of these messages is to remind — and [...]

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