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How Do We Unwind From COVID-19?

How Do We Unwind From COVID-19?

Not sure how to plan for when some or all of your staff can return to work at the office? There are a few key considerations to keep in mind for your post-COVID-19 business strategies.

After close to two months of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that your business has gotten into a rhythm with remote work. However, while we don’t know specifically when the pandemic will end, it will certainly conclude at some point.  Do you know how your business will proceed?

You don’t necessarily have to return to the way it was before.  In fact, according to 317 CFOs recently surveyed by Gartner, 74% of CFOs say they expect to move previously on-site employees to fulltime remote work post-COVID-19.

Core Vision helped our clients get their employees working remotely, and we have some thoughts on how to evaluate your plans moving forward.  Is it a complete reversal where everyone comes back into the office?  Or does the remote work-force suite your plans moving forward?  Or will your plan be somewhere in between?

While each business is different, we wanted to provide some input to you on what to consider and how we can help.


What are your key considerations?

In planning your partial or full return to work when the time is right, there are three main questions you should be asking yourself:

What Changes Did You Make To Your Work Processes That Should Be Kept?

Whether you plan to continue with remote work or not, if you implemented new practices for time management, communication, or other workplace priorities that helped to boost productivity and engagement, then you should continue with them. Tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other collaboration apps are here to stay.  We can assist you in identifying the best way to leverage these and better integrate them into your business moving forward.

What Changes Didn’t Work Or Need To Be Eliminated?

On the other hand, you may have found that some aspects of remote work didn’t pan out and led to delays or lowered productivity. Now’s a great time to find out why before you finalize your decisions. This is especially important when you’re determining who on your team will continue with remote work.

Perhaps the nature of your business doesn’t lend itself to remote work, which is an easy answer.  But perhaps you tried the wrong collaboration tool or struggled to make the right one work due to insufficient training.  Or there may not have been time to implement the correct solution and process to make things work well.  These are all areas where Core Vision can help.

Are You Prepared For A Second Wave?

Although you may be able to bring your staff into the office at some point, it’s important not to forget all the hard lessons learned during the past two months. A second wave is a distinct possibility, and so you need to make sure you have a viable remote work plan in place that can be launched quickly.

Are you leveraging the lessons you learned?

While almost everyone would like just to move forward, now is a great time to evaluate your plans and to leverage any positive gains you’ve made.  And while technology is only part of the solution, at Core Vision, we work with our clients to help optimize and integrate IT into their business strategy. That’s the value of a true business partner.

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